Holistic Education Discussions

Please join us in a bi-monthly virtual discussion of holistic education.

These discussions are free and open to anyone who is interested in holistic education and expanding our understanding of holistic living and learning. Each gathering will invite a guest facilitator who will share about a specific topic and then hold the space as we move into a discussion. These discussion are meant as a space for us to learn and grow together. There is a spirit of inquiry in which we aren’t seeking a single answer, but looking together with curiosity and openness.

Monday, April 17th7:30pm-8:30pm ESTYoung Hee KimStarting with a tree: How contemplative practices can open our minds toward interconnection
Monday, May 1st7:30pm-8:30pm ESTRenee OwensCircles
Monday, May 15th7:30pm-8:30pm ESTViola OlsenPhil Gang, TIES, and His Evolution Toward a Holistic Worldview
Monday, May 29th7:30pm-8:30pm ESTOpen DiscussionEmergent Topic
Monday, June12th7:30pm-8:30pm ESTPhilip Snow GangExploring the Educator’s Spiritual Preparation
Monday, June 26th 7:30pm-8:30pm ESTFour ArrowsWorldview Reflection and Trance-based Learning as Essential Tools for Holistic Education
Monday July, 10th7:30pm-8:30pm ESTRebecca TreeSchema’s in Children’s Play
Monday, July 24th7:30pm-8:30pm ESTJosette LuvmourThe Wisdom Available in Relationships with Children
*Please adjust day/time depending on your time zone

Meetings can be accessed through the link below:
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Meeting ID: 851 3996 1400

General Format

1. Join the call

* You are welcome to join late of leave early if needed, but we encourage you to join for the full duration of the call.

* Please be patient with technological/connectivity issues, we will address them as they arise and understand that everyone has different access to WiFi.

* We ask that if you are able, please keep your video on, we love to see you and feel your presence as much as possible through the virtual platform.

* We try to hear from all participants and balance the conversation, but you are always welcome to just listen. We value the voices and experiences of everyone, there is no singular authority and you are always encouraged to contribute.

2. Brief introductions 

  • Please include your name, where you are joining us from, and what brings you to the discussion today.

3. Facilitator introduces the topic and offers some input in a format of their choice such as a story, practice, activity, presentation, reading, etc.

4. Discussion – The facilitator holds space for participants to inquire and flow in conversation with the intention to connect, learn, and build relationships.

5. Conclude


The Chicago Statement and Education 2000

Past Discussions

Andrea Laubstein & Camden Vancil- Gestures in Holistic Education

Robin Martin- What does it mean to be a holistic educator?

Tobin Hart- Open Discussion

Fern and Gift- Reflection through Life

Melissa Merkling- Exploring Waldorf Education

Paul Freedman- Deep Education

Julissa Taitano & Mindy Welsh- Our experience as aspiring holistic educators

William Greene- Open Discussion

Jonathan Wuerth- School in the Woods

Lindsay Bender- Holistic education in Traditional School Settings

Paula Lynam & Younghee Kim- Stories from the Secret Garden: Holistic outdoor preschool and children’s spirit

Tamara James-Wyachai- The Holistic Approach in Roong Aroon School’s International Program

Paul Feather & Terra Currie- Exploring Education and Being

Michael Carberry- Striving for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Learning Communities

Thea Canby and Nicole Gustafson: Our Resilient Community

Swan Kim: Development and application of dance appreciation education program based on holistic education paradigm

Nick Oredson: Social Emotional Learning as a Way of Life

** You can find the links to these past discussions here.