About Us

Our Story

In 2021, Andrea and Camden returned from teaching abroad at a holistic school in Bangkok, Thailand called Roong Aroon School and spent several months traveling around the US visiting a variety of holistic, nature-based, and alternative schools. They were eager to explore and understand more about the range of programs and schools that were already established and dedicated to an educational approach that more fully addressed the growth and development of the whole child. They were also looking for a place to settle in the US and plant some roots.

From South East Asia, to Connecticut, to Santa Fe, to San Diego… the place that felt ripe for roots was Carrollton, GA. Andrea and Camden both completed their MA in Psychology in 2018 at the University of West Georgia and still had close friends in the area. It was the sense of community that drew them back. In Spring of 2022, Camden and Andrea were inspired by the space and energy of Full Life Farm owned by their friends, Paul Feather and Terra Currie, and their daughter Zinnia.

The transformation of the ‘arconnex’ into Roots of Life began and over several months as Andrea, Camden, Paul, and Terra worked together to create a warm and welcoming environment for our students. The space continues to evolve as we learn and grow through this process.

Lead Teacher: Andrea Laubstein

Andrea’s background is in early childhood development, yoga for children, holistic education, and teaching mixed-age kindergarten. She draws from Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Krishnamurti to guide her teaching and is ultimately inspired by the individual spirit of each child.

Our Place of Learning: Life on the Farm

We have deep gratitude that Roots of Life is able to be established on the Full Life Farm Property, in collaboration with Paul Feather and Terra Currie. Paul and Terra have been on Harrison Road since 2007 and have nourished the 11 acres of earth they live on by building, gardening, raising animals, hosting educational opportunities (with hundreds of interns) and much more. For many years, they were at the community famer’s market and sold food grown in the garden, as well as pies, jams, and other goods from their utility kitchen. The philosophy of life at Full Life Farm, has mostly been centered around core values of health, liberty, and non-violence. In many ways, the space invites community and collaboration, with a history gathering those who are curious to learn about earth skills, or simply engage in a meaningful conversation. Paul and Terra have written several books that highlight our ways of being in the world, in relation to the earth, each other, and society.  The values of Paul and Terra and the land are intertwined with Roots of Life as learning is ‘place-based’ and inspired by the land and people we are surrounded by. Currently, the Roots of Life classroom is located in the building on the property fondly referred to as the ‘arconnex.’ The place of learning is not confined to the classroom, but the whole garden, playground, and woods around us become our classroom. What we may observe, discover, and learn on our journeys into the natural world around us are infinite.

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