Roots of Life

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Roots of Life acknowledges and nurtures the holistic and spiritual development of children by allowing learning to naturally unfold through daily life activities, play, and experiences in nature. Our emergent curriculum is inspired by the children and follows their interests in a process of self-directed, experiential learning.

Roots of Life is based in Carrollton, GA and is comprised of a dedicated collective of individuals offering nature skills, art, music, cooking, and movement. Our hope is to provide a holistic alternative to mainstream education that deeply nourishes the joyful life of children and families. We see that every moment of life is an opportunity for learning, therefore, we learn through daily life routines and activities such as playing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and spending time in nature. As we move through our daily life activities, we carefully observe the interests, curiosities, and movements of our students to craft our emergent, self-directed curriculum.

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Roots of Life is located on Harrison Road, Carrollton, GA