Our virtual holistic education discussions continue to take place every other Saturday and they have provided a wonderful gathering space for us to meet others in the field of holistic education. Each week is a different group of people, it is a fun to surprise to see who will drop in! Through this platform, I was introduced to Sheryl Morris, a long-time advocate for holistic education. She recently shared a wonderful collection of resources with me that I couldn’t just keep to myself. There are so many people out there doing truly inspiring work, and so many others looking for some inspiration and connection. I don’t think we will ever be able to compile an exhaustive list, and I don’t think we need to, but its is so helpful to have access to a place where we can learn about and celebrate the work of others. I hope that if anyone has an additional suggestion, they can add a comment, or email me so I can add to this list from Sheryl and continue to share.

Montessori/Montessori for Social Justice

Meetings with Remarkable Educators/35 hour-long podcasts/transcripts with remarkable, holistic educators.

HER Holistic Education Review

AERO/Alternative Education Resource Organization

Silver Linings/Podcasts Yong Zhao

Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen/“The Future of Smart,” Grantmakers, Podcasts

Systems Change Alliance

Integrated Schools/Book Club/Podcasts

Pedagogical Paradigms/James Moffett

Thank you Sheryl for compiling and sharing this rich list of inspiring resources. Hopefully we can invite some of these incredible people to join us for a virtual holistic education discussion in the future!