Application & Enrollment

We have open enrollment until we reach capacity and accept new students on a rolling basis. We ask that you complete an application form (see below) and then we can schedule a time to meet either in person or talk over the phone.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Review the information about the school and read the following articles: Learning to Live Together & The Ants go Marching
  2. If you feel that Roots of Life is a good fit for your child, please complete the application form. You can download and complete the form, then email directly to 

*As this is a new program, we ask that families be adaptable and understanding as we learn and grow together. As the year progresses, there may be changes and modifications made to the schedule and general program. If necessary, parents will need to register their child as being home-schooled and complete the appropriate documents on their own. We are a home-school support program, not a certified school.